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HNI Base Metals + Energy Tips Package :

HNI BASE METALS & ENERGY package is specially designed for traders who don't want to get involved in intraday trading and aim for Short Term return from commodity market by keeping positions hold. For such traders we provide positional MCX calls for 3-5 days with a substantial return from their holding. The positional tips will be of attractive 1:2 Risk: Reward ratio.

Service Features

  • 2-3 Positional Calls in Base Metals Commodities – Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Lead and aluminium and Energy Commodities like Crude Oil, Natural Gas
  • Daily News updates about all major commodities will be provided
  • Support & Resistance of all the major commodities will be provided
  • We have achieved a high level of accuracy in this plan on consistent basis
  • Risk Reward Ration is 1:2 (Stop Loss: Targets)
  • Live market Tips Given through Yahoo Messenger & Sms on Mobile.
  • Telephonic Support will Be Given From 9:45 AM To 11:30 Pm (Monday to Friday)

Sample Tips Calls

  • HNI-MCX CRUDEOIL: BUY IN RANGE 3000-3010 WITH SL BELOW 2900 TGT 3150,3200
  • CMP: 3005 www.bulliontrend.com 98765-08390

Book Partial or 50% Profit & Book Full Profit

Say with the above sample tips, CRUDEOIL is trading around 3100-3110, and market is too volatile. To safe gaurd you in volatility, we may think it is better to book partial/50% profit and modify the stoploss to recommended price.

  • Following is the format you will receive for Book Partial Profit.
    HNI-MCX CRUDEOIL: BOOK PARTILY PROFIT AROUND 3100-3110,1ST TGT IS 3150 & MODIFY SL TO COST (BUY INITIATED AT 3000-3010) www.bulliontrend.com 98765-08390
  • Following is the format you will receive for Book Full Profit.
    HNI-MCX CRUDEOIL: BOTH TGT 3200 DONE/ACHIEVED BOOK FULL PROFIT. (BUY INITIATED AT 3000-3010) www.bulliontrend.com 98765-08390
Note: In some scenarios, we may ask you to book full profit before Target 1 reaches or partial profit. We may get into this kind of scenarios when we feel market is extream volatility and to safe gaurd from any uncertain events. In this case you have to book 100% of the shares.

Stoploss & Exit Call

Stoploss is a part & parcel of trading and is the powerful mechanism to protect you from huge loss. We always recommend you to place the stoploss as soon as you take the position.

  • Following is the follow-up message format, when stoploss hits
    HNI-MCX CRUDEOIL: SL TRIGGED, CLOSE FULL POSITION. (BUY INITIATED AT 3010-3000) www.bulliontrend.com 98765-08390
As soon as you receive this follow-up message, you have to exit 100% Position immediately. Sometimes we may feel it will hit stoploss because of volatility in market and we may ask you to Exit before it hits stoploss in order to avoid huge loss.

Risk Warning : Trading in Commodities, Equity, Currency and Forex is highly speculative and involves a signifact risk of loss. Such trading is not suitable for all investors. So you must ensure that you fully understand the risk before trading. Bulliontrend.com is not responsible for any losses made by traders. It is only the outlook of the market with reference to its previous performance. You are advised to take your position with your sense and judgment. We have not any position in our given trading calls. Visiting our web one should by agree to our terms and condition and disclaimer also. Please read "Risk Disclosure Documents". This gives you a fuller explanation of some the Risk Involved.